We don’t charge for initial meetings; they are provided at our expense.

The cost of a financial plan varies depending on the client’s needs and circumstances. It is something we discuss and agree upon at our initial meeting, before any work is undertaken. Normally we would expect the cost to be somewhere between 1% – 2% of the assets to be managed.

Both. We generally work on a percentage basis, however some of our clients prefer fixed fees; we are happy to accommodate this whenever possible.

Generally, no; the exception being with some protection policies or, on rare occasions, if we take over the management of an old policy. We will always make you aware if we receive commission and how much it is.

We don’t have to charge VAT for the vast majority of the work we carry out. On rare occasions VAT may be chargeable, but when that is the case we will always make you aware before any work is agreed upon.

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