The value of advice

Evidence clearly demonstrates the value of financial advice:

A 2017 report by Royal London and the International Longevity Centre showed that, on average, people who work with a financial adviser boost their assets by up to £43,245.
A recent study by Vanguard identified seven key areas where advisers can add value, estimating values for each area. The total sum was discovered to be around 3% per annum.

With that in mind, here’s how we work:

We pride ourselves on offering a value for money service that, in turn, adds value to the people we work with. Our approach is fair and transparent; you won’t get any unexpected bills, and everything will be explained to you thoroughly before any work commences.

We offer our prospective clients an initial meeting or discussion at our expense. This exploratory conversation is designed to help you understand what it is we do and what we might charge you for any work that we undertake.

If you then go on to use our services (which will usually include research, a financial plan and, ultimately, its implementation), that’s when we start to charge. We generally work on a percentage basis, however some of our clients prefer fixed fees; we are happy to accommodate this whenever possible.



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