People in their 60s

There comes a time when we decide, however reluctantly, it’s time to start preparing for retirement and move to the next chapter of life.

But with this decision undoubtedly comes some concerns. Do I have enough to retire? Will I be able to live the life I want to live? Will I be able to sustain my lifestyle?

Whether work has become no longer enjoyable, ill health has left you unable to work or you simply feel ready to find fulfilment elsewhere, transitioning into part-time employment or full retirement requires careful financial planning.

Your family

When you reach your 60s, your children have likely left home and become financially independent. Nevertheless, your family will still remain a big part of your financial plan; you might intend to help with cost of weddings, property or the arrival of grandchildren. Careful financial planning will ensure you’re able to continue supporting them.

Your retirement

Whether you want to retire tomorrow or are happy to work for a few more years to maximise your income, we will help inform your decisions; we will show you what your financial reality is and explore your options. We make bespoke recommendations based on your situation and ultimately transform your capital into a life-long fund that will support your aspirations.

Your lifestyle

As we start to think about retirement, it can be easy to feel anxious about the future and make unnecessary sacrifices. Financial planning will give you the security to enjoy today, safe in the knowledge that the future is taken care of. For example, if you want to transition to part-time work but are nervous about how it will affect you financially, we can show you the reality.

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