People in their 50s

In our 50s, financial planning becomes more important than ever before.

Whether you can’t wait to transition into retirement or you’re not yet ready to think about life beyond work, now is nevertheless the time to establish your financial reality, explore your aspirations and lay some all-important foundations for the future.

Once work is a thing of the past, you may well be retired for 30 years or more. It’s therefore important you have a plan in place to enjoy this next chapter of life in a way that is fulfilling, sustainable and secure.

Your family

When we reach our 50s, most of us find our children leaving home and becoming financially independent. Nevertheless, your family will still remain a big part of your financial plan; you might intend to help with the cost of university, weddings, property or the arrival of grandchildren. Careful financial planning will ensure you’re able to continue supporting them.

Your retirement

Even if you intend to work for another 15 years, your 50s is the time to take retirement planning seriously. Your retirement income may well be a mystery to you: our job is to establish your financial reality and then transform your capital into a life-long fund that will support your aspirations.

Your lifestyle

As we start to think about retirement, it can be easy to feel anxious about the future and make unnecessary sacrifices. Financial planning will give you the security to enjoy today, safe in the knowledge that the future is taken care of. For example, if you want to transition to part-time work but are nervous about how it will affect you financially, we can show you what the reality is.

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